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/* Basic and Secondary Education */
==== Basic and Secondary Education ====
The education system in Portugal is regulated by the state through the [ Ministry of Education and Science] (MEC) headed by [ Minister Nuno Crato], becoming his team for four secretaries of state, namely: Higher Education, Science, Education and School Administration and of the Basic and Secondary Education. The MEC defines, coordinates, implements and evaluates policies on education, from primary to higher education, and of science and is also responsible for the qualification and professional training. As for policy priorities of Education and Science it highlight the creation of a culture of rigor and assessment at all levels of education, the granting of autonomy to schools and parents freedom to choose what they want for their children, increased educational achievement and quality of education, the reorganization of higher education institutions and quality of courses and invest in excellence to enhance science. According to Education MEC determines the future of the country and should generate equal opportunities for future generations, assuming Education as a public service and upholding universal principles as the effort, discipline and autonomy. Also believes that higher education is essential for the country's development and that the quality of graduates and research institutions is done in the engine of wealth , cultural and economic creation. The quantitative increase in higher education should be complemented with a qualitative increase, allowing adjust supply to the needs by rationalizing existing the network of institutions and courses. Sets that science is an area where the country has given clear evidence of international competitiveness and the technology is now essentially from scientific origin, and science is the fundamental basis of scientific development. The careful investment in research and training of scientists and technical excellence is an essential pillar of national development. Regarding the evaluation it considers that students, teachers, institutions, courses, researchers and projects should be evaluated regularly.<ref>Ministério da Educação, Sobre o Ministério da Educação e da Ciência, governo Governo de Portugal in</ref>
Education policy is the responsibility of: