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D5.3 Project Dissemination Materials

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== Specification ==
Type of outcome/product/results: Website, Flyer, Logo and similar quasi-print materials (public)
Delivery date: January 2012 and constant updates
Nature: Report; Demonstrator/Prototype
Language versions: English, but some presentation material may be in Italian, Hungarian, French or Dutch
The wiki (actually a set of wikis and interwiki links) set up for WP2 will be used for dissemination also.
''A full set of all these resources will comprise this Deliverable. (Blog postings, tweets and the like will not be archived for this Deliverable.''== Outcome == As noted above in italics, this Deliverable is not one report - it is a collection of the most important specific dissemination resources. These are listed below: # [[File:POERUP D5.3FL1 flyer for EU meeting Feb 2012.pdf]]# [[File:POERUP D5.3FL2 flyer for Australasia Mar 2012.pdf]]# [[File:POERUP D5.3FL3 leaflet 2012.pdf]]# [[File:POERUP D5.3FL4 leaflet 2013.pdf]]# [[File:POERUP D5.3.5 EDENSynergy Sept2013 roll-up.pdf]]# [[File:POERUP D5.3.6 EDENSynergy Sept2013 poster.pdf]] And also: * [[File:POERUP D5.3 poster.pdf]] ----> [[POERUP]]  [[Category:POERUP internals]][[Category:POERUP deliverables|5]][[Category:POERUP WP5 deliverables|3]]