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/* Projects and Programs */
:* [;jsessionid=F6230052E820FF990F898162F8DE7688 eQNet - Quality Network for a European Learning Resource Exchange]: The project aims to identify criteria that define what is a resource "travel well", ie, it can be used by teachers of nationalities and educational contexts, language and culture distinct.
:* [;jsessionid=BCB9FA917C266F65E131B56F70314536 ITEC - Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom]: Project that brings together policy makers, researchers, technology providers, other experts in advanced technology learning and innovative teachers in order to design, build and test scenarios in a comprehensive teaching and learning in the classroom of the future.
:*[ LINKED – Leveraging Innovation for a Network of Knowledge on Education]: Building a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise on digital games. The aim is to provide information, research based, that may serve to support both decision makers as researchers, teachers, trainers and other community education.
:* [ Spice - Science Pedagogy Innovation Center in Europe]: European project that aims to create a panel of 24 teachers in the area of ​​Mathematics and Sciences for identification, validation and subsequent dissemination of good practice in these disciplines. The DGIDC is a partner in this project and Portugal, the Czech Republic and European Schoolnet works with a team of 5 teachers who integrate the European panel.
:* [ inGenious]: The ingenious project aims to establish an European group of coordination (European Coordinating Body) partnership schools / businesses in the areas of Mathematics, Science and Technology (MST). The goal is, initially, the characterization of good practice in collaboration between schools and businesses.
:* [ e-Skills]: European Commission initiative that seeks to promote expertise in the area of technology and alert the public to the opportunities and benefits of Technical Education and ICT use in employment.
:* [ CPDLab]: O CPDLab, Continuing Professional Development Laboratory is a 3 year project, which began in October 2011 with the goal of promoting lifelong training available for teachers, principals and other education professionals in the field of Information Technologies and Communication. Intends to support schools to transform themselves into effective learning environments by providing a portfolio of training courses focused on the needs of teachers in the classroom of the future and focusing on areas such as interactive whiteboards, Internet security and innovative learning scenarios.
:* [ Projeto Piloto de Computadores Tablet] or Pilot Project of tablet computers: An initiative by European Schoolnet and ACER, the pilot project of Tablet PCs further explores the use of new technologies in schools and the emerging trend of individualized pedagogy, based on experience gained from the pilot project Netbooks. Are goals of this project to identify best practices in eight countries on the use of tablets in school and presenting examples of learning scenarios. The pilot activities will be conducted in eight European countries: Germany, Spain, Estonia, France, Italy, Portugal, the UK and Turkey.
:* [ Selo de Segurança Digital para as escolas] or Digital Security Seal for schools: it’s a new initiative the European Schoolnet, functioning as service support and accreditation at European level, is an important step forward in the development and maintenance of high standards of safety for children and digital the young. In Portugal, the project includes six schools, public and private, and is coordinated by the General Directorate of Education.
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