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/* Institutional OER initiatives */
[ 'Clip collaboration platform'] is a nationwide online database of information for open innovation research projects developed by FWiOO . The project aims to disseminate information on innovative business projects in the field of free and open source software, resulting in an academic environment and foster cooperation between universities and the business community. Inherent to the project is the commercialization of R & D on the free and open source software. The project is addressed mainly to businesses, higher education, scientific research, academics and individual developers and business institutions have their headquarters in the country.
[ 'Panjandrum'] - a project run jointly by the Institute of Computer Science Centre for Open and Multimedia Education at Warsaw University. Contains the complete scripts and books in the field of science studies, which are developed jointly by staff and students of UW. Resource does not have a specific license available, says only " You can freely use the materials available here in the classroom. Please only refer to the address ( ) . "
== References ==