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New Caledonia

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Since 2005, apprentices and higher education students in New Caledonia have been able to participate in the Micro-Portable Etudiant (MIPE) program. Under this program, students can select from a wide choice of wi-fi enabled laptops at reduced prices, typically 30% lower than the normal retail price. These computers cost between 30,000 and 240,000 francs and guaranteed 1 to 3 years. (2)
=== Quality procedures ===
== Internet in {{PAGENAME}} ==
Internet hosts (2010) - 22,456
Internet users (2008) - 85,000 (2)
New Caledonia has relatively modern telecommunications by Pacific standards, with Government owned fixed line telephony, a GSM mobile network and internet access. The rapid expansion of telecommunications access is due to the Gondwana-1 undersea communications cable connecting New Caledonia and [[Australia]] enabling widespread internet access. Free internet wi-fi services are installed in a number of public areas, including high schools and institutes of higher learning. (1)
=== Internet in Education ===
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The ICDE report on regulatory frameworks for distance education (1) notes that New Caledonia is largely a consumer of distance education courses from metropolitan [[France]], rather than a source of home-grown programs. However, there are signs of a growing interest in the area of distance education. This interest is typified by the Académie en ligne (Academy Online) initiative, a free online educational resource site produced by the CNED and now available to students in New Caledonia. New Caledonia has a well(1) The site is intended for the use of parents who wish to assist their children’s study and for students engaging in self-developed information communications network directed learning. Academy Online takes students from their first year in comparison primary school up to other nations in the pacific regionbaccalauréat. In the near future the movement Searchable by New Caledonia towards independencesubject, existing good information communications networkslevel or keywords, an economy founded on the site provides multimedia learning resources in a natural resource together with a historically well founded and robust educational system provide solid foundations for the future development wide variety of distance education. One outcome of this may be a home-grown distance education to improve access to education and address local cultural and language challenges. The ICDE report does not use the term OER in relation to New Caledonia directlydisciplines, including languages, but the presence of the free Academy Online initiative materials science, economics and strong information communication networks suggest that just as the report indicates the possibility for home-grown distance education, OERs may also have a part to play in New Caledonialiterature.(2)
=== National OER initiatives ===
== References ==
2. ICDE Country Report on New Caledonia (
=== Reports ===
1. ICDE Report: 'Regulatory frameworks for distance education: A pilot study in the Southwest Pacific/South East Asia region - Final report'. December 2011. Prepared by the Project Team (Team leader, Dr. Rosalind James) (accessed at on Tuesday 10th July 2012)
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