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D5.6 2 Virtual Conference Events

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== Specification ==
Type of outcome/product/results: Event (public)
== Outcome ==
There were in fact '''three''' virtual conference events, not ''two'':
# EDEN Research Workshop, Leuven, Belgium, 22 October 2012: ''EmpOERing students and academics through large-scale open content initiatives''; presented by Gabi Witthaus, Ming Nie and Gráinne Conole of the University of Leicester:
#* Presentation is at [[File:POERUP D5.6.1 EDEN RESEARCH WORKSHOP 2012.ppt]]
# 24 May 2013, with a focus on policy issues on Wales: ''Open Educational Resources and Practices: moving forwards, looking outwards''; led by Paul Bacsich (Sero) and Lou McGill (OER expert from Scotland):
#* the merged presentation is on the JSC RSC Wales site at moodle.rsc- 2024.05.13%20pdf.pdf
#* and is archived at [[File:POERUP D5.6.2 Webinar 2 Jisc Wales 2013.pdf]]
# 23 June 2014: ''Institutional Open Education and OER Policies'', led by Paul Bacsich (Sero) and Terese Bird (University of Leicester);
#* the presentation is at – this was the last presentation during the funded phase of POERUP
#* and is archived at [[File:POERUP D5.6.3 Webinar 3 ALT-policies-bacsich-june-2014.ppt]]
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