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D4.2U Policy advice for universities

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Delivery date: September 2013
Nature: Report- see '''[[File:POERUP D4.2U v1.0.pdf]]'''
Language versions: English
=== Executive Summaries in other languages ===
* > French: [[File:POERUP D4.2Ub Executive Summary in French.pdf]]
* > Dutch: [[File:POERUP D4.2Ud Executive Summary in Dutch.pdf]]
* > Hungarian: [[File:POERUP D4.2Uc Executive Summary in Hungarian.pdf]]
== Reports for other sectors ==
* [[D4.2S Policy advice for schools]]
* [[D4.2S 2C Policy advice for colleges]]
For the actual report for universities see '''[[File:POERUP D4.2U v1.0.pdf]] for universities'''
> [[D4.2 Policy advice (for universities, schools and "colleges")]]<br>>> [[POERUP]]