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Sofia Distansundervisning (Sofia Distance Learning, Sofia Distans) conducts instruction in grades 6-9. Teaching is done via computer, and it offers all subjects.

Sofia complies with the compulsory school curriculum and assessment criteria and students are graded in grades 8-9.

Students are mostly living outside Sweden, but the school also teaches students resident in Sweden who, for various reasons do not attend a regular school.

Sofia Distansundervisning's main office is in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sofia Distance gives the student:

  • clear instructions and goals for the studies when the school year begins
  • freedom from study planning to take responsibility for their studies
  • freedom by time-independent studies, which means that the student can choose when he / she is studying and using the time right she / he needs in the different subjects
  • freedom by location independent studies, which means that the student can choose from which she / he is studying
  • opportunity for individualized instruction based on student's knowledge and prerequisites
  • opportunity to follow the Swedish school abroad
  • able to read only the subject of Swedish distance to get permission to Swedish upper secondary school
  • option, when appropriate and in consultation with the teacher read the G-courses aimed at grade G in the core subjects of Grade 9
  • opportunity to study in an alternative way to grades in grade 8 and 9, based on current curriculum and of targets
  • chance to get to know fellow students in other countries and other cultures


Sofia uses FirstClass.

The Sofia Distansundervisning website is


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