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Sero is an education, skills and economic development consultancy specializing in the exploitation of ICT including e-learning, from the viewpoints of infrastructure, curriculum, awarding/assessment, delivery/pedagogy, and benchmarking/self-assessment. Formed in 2004 by former directors of Tribal Technology, Sero has 23 core staff, and a team of long-standing national/international Associates. See

Sero's relevant specialisms are blended and e-learning research, benchmarking and evaluation covering technology, pedagogy, learner experience, market requirements, business processes and e-maturity. In addition, it has significant background in digital and media literacy.

Sero clients include:

  • Government, public agencies and non-departmental bodies
  • Further and Higher Education Institutions
  • IT and e-learning industry companies
  • Sector bodies - e.g. HE Academy and JISC.

Management team with strong experience at working across Europe - Sero's experience of working with the Commission in EU funded programmes goes back to the evaluation of Erasmus and to Framework Programme 3 - in particular note the experience of David Kay and Prof. Paul Bacsich:

  • David Kay has directed five Framework Programme consortia (FP3 - FP5)
  • Prof. Bacsich has directed a number of EU projects since 1991 including a current project in the Lifelong Learning Programme (VISCED) examining virtual schools and colleges.

Education sector surveys and associated analysis - since 2007 Sero has successfully delivered:

  • 2007 - Survey and benchmarking of e-Readiness across all of Scotland's VET institutions - Scottish Funding Council (public report)
  • 2007-8 - Survey of ICT adoption Adult & Community Learning in England - for Becta (public report)
  • 2008-9 (and 2009-10)– Annual Survey of ICT adoption in VET (Further Education) institutions in England - for Becta & UK Government (public reports)
  • 2009 - Survey of 200 primary and secondary schools involved in the national Home Access programme pilot - for Becta & the government department (internal)
  • 2010 - Comparative survey of ICT capability involving 2500 VET practitioners in 5 countries (Austria, Denmark, England, Portugal, Sweden), including translation and national reports - for Becta - see

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Research & Innovation for the schools and VET sectors - Sero and its staff have a significant track record, for example:

  • Working in partnership with the University of Nottingham, Sero was chosen to deliver one of three research projects in Becta's Harnessing Technology programme (value £1.2m) from April 2008 to August 2010. This involved a comparative international research strand led by Prof. Bacsich. See
  • Sero developed a successful proposal for one of the 30 projects selected worldwide for the HP Catalyst schools initiative. This commenced in September 2010.
  • Dr Ian Chowcat was the Director of the £60m South Yorkshire e-Learning Programme; part-funded through ERDF and ESF (2002-8), so far the largest programme of its kind to be run in any member state; Nick Jeans managed the Content Development Programme.
  • As a civil servant, Barry Philips was responsible for developing the UK government's first Harnessing Technology strategy in 2005 under Prof. Diana Laurillard.
  • Sero undertook its own study visit to Colorado in November 2010 (prior to VISCED) to evaluate models for the delivery of virtual schools and colleges (David Kay, Prof Paul Bacsich).

International benchmarking studies:

  • For the UKOU, 2010: VLE due diligence, with an international survey of major distance learning institutions running one of the four key candidates.
  • For the UKOU, 2010-11: Library Management Systems pre-procurement study, including a survey of Library Support for Distance Learning across a number of distance and dual-mode institutions.

Sero is WP leader for WP 1 Management and for WP 6 Exploitation.