Sebastiano Bagnara

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Present activity: Chair of Cognitive Psychology, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Sassari-Alghero, Italy

Main previous activities:

  • Chair of Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics at Politecnico of Milan, Italy (2001-2006);
  • Chair of Psychology, Università di Siena (1986-2001);
  • Head of Degree Program in Sciences of Communication at the University of Siena (1992-2000);
  • Director of Multimedia Communication Lab. University of Siena (1992-2000);
  • Director of (Institute of Psychology, National Research Council 1995-8);
  • Director Of Department of Sciences of Communication. Università di Siena (2000-2001);
  • Member of CIVR (Comitato di Indirizzo per la Valutazione della Ricerca -Committee for the evaluation of the research) of the Italian Ministery of Education University and Reasearch (2000-3);
  • Member of the Steering Committee of the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (2003-5);
  • Coordinator of the WG "Methodology" of Permanent Interministerial Commission for the employement of ICT in favour of weak or disadvantaged categories (.2003-2004);
  • Member of the Council of IEA (International Ergonomics Association) (1980-86);
  • Secretary General International Ergonomics Association (2003-6);
  • President of the European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics (EACE) (1990-1994);
  • President of the Italian Society of Ergonomics (1994-8);
  • Expert and Evaluators of R&D Programs (Esprit, Environment) of the European Union;
  • Scientific Responsible of a numer of European Projects:, e.g., Heat, Palio, Multed, QLis, Qualit, Mirti, Pannonia, Humanities, Pegasus, Comunicar, Orglearn, Socose.

Present research areas: human error; interaction design; knowledge society.

Membership in scientific societies: Associazione Italiana di Comunicazione Pubblica; Association for Computing Machinery; European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics; European Association for Work and Organizational Psychology; Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of USA; Società Italiana di e-Learning; Società Italiana di Ergonomia; Società Italiana di Psicologia Scientifica; Società Italiana di Scienze Cognitve.

Awards: Fellow of International Ergonomics Association Distinguished International Colleague Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of USA.

Editorial activities:

  • Director of Ergonomia,
  • Associate Editor of Theoretical Issues in Ergonomic Sciences,
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Applied Ergonomics; Cognition, Technology, and Work; Comunicazione Pubblica; International Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing; International Journal of Applied Psychology; International Journal of Human Computer Interaction; International Journal of Virtual Technology and Multimedia; Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society; Journal of Science Communication; Sistemi Intelligenti; Sistemi Organizzativi; The Open Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Journal; Travail Humain.

Consultant to: Abi, Agip, Aipa, Chamber of Deputees, CNIPA, Elsag, ENEA, Enel, Fiat, Formez, IBM, Ina-Assitalia, Infocamere, Infostrada, IOL, Isfol, IRI Management, Macquarie, Montell, MPI, Olivetti, Omnitel, Macquarie, Monte Paschi di Siena, Pfizer, Poste, Rai, Regione Lombardia, Regione Toscana, Sogei, Technimont, Telecom, Tim, Vodafone, Wind.

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