Sara Frank Bristow

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Sara Frank Bristow
Forename Sara
Surname Frank
Type IAC, Helper
Country United States
WPs 2, 4

Sara Frank Bristow is a writer, editor, researcher and administrator in learning technology.

After receiving her master’s in Writing from Columbia University (2001), she became a Research Assistant with the Telematics in Education Research Group at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. She then worked as Special Projects Analyst for the UK e-University in London in 2003-04. Later she moved to Toronto, Canada before settling in Chicago, US.

She has written reports for numerous public and private organisations in the UK and Canada. Research projects undertaken include the study and comparison of e-universities around the world; market analysis of e-learning companies (in both higher education and the private sector); survey of open educational resources and related national policies; and feature analysis of learning management systems. Sara has been an associate of Sero Consulting Ltd for several years. She is recently completed the "Common Core" case study for the IPTS SharedOER project and is currently drafting the UK Country Report for ADOERUP led by Sero.