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The South Asian Minister of Education Organization Regional Open Learning Center (SEAMOLEC, SEAMEO SEAMOLEC) seeks to be a center of expertise in open and distance learning.

As described on the SEAMOLEC web site, SEAMOLEC mission is twofold:

  • To serve one million clients by 2010; and
  • To assist SEAMEO Member Countries in identifying educational problems and finding alternative solutions for sustainable human resource development through the dissemination and effective use of open and distance learning
The rationale for the establishment of SEAMOLEC in 1997, among others was the conviction that conventional schools alone will not be able to meet the education for all. Furthermore, several SEAMEO member countries have implemented open and distance learning programs as alternative ways for increasing the opportunities and access for learners to participate in educational/training programs.
There are still some SEAMEO member countries that have not yet implemented any open and distance learning programs even though the need for education and training cannot be provided by existing conventional institutions. In order to promote the implementation of open and distance learning and foster the growth of existing open and distance learning programs to meet the demand of "education for all", the SEAMOLEC project proposal was developed.

SEAMOLEC's main office is based at the Kompleks Universitas Terbuka in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The SEAMOLEC web site is at

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The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) was established on 30 November 1965 as a chartered international organisation whose purpose is to promote cooperation in education, science and culture in the Southeast Asian region.

SEAMEO (South Asian Ministers of Education Organization) member countries are:

> Indonesia