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SCIENTER Italy has now withdrawn from the POERUP consortium

SCIENTER was a research centre and service provider organisation, active in the field of education and training. Created by the initiative of a group of professionals, SCIENTER was established in January 1988, as a non-profit organisation, of which the University of Bologna is one of the shareholders and is represented in the Board of Directors. SCIENTER is interested in innovation of training systems, with main reference to the field of e-learning, organisational learning, use of information and communication technology in school, university and vocational training and valuing of prior learning. (SCIENTER URL now not active.)

SCIENTER developed research projects at regional, national, and European level in the following areas: training needs analysis; assessment and certification of non formal and informal learning; design and development of open and flexible learning systems; organisational learning design and implementation; training of trainers for the use of new methodologies and new technologies; research and selection of learning materials; market analysis in education and training, particularly concerning the use of new technologies and ODL, dissemination of research results, dissemination of innovation in education and training, policy assessment, project evaluation.

It has provided technical assistance, policy advice and evaluation to the Italian Ministry of University and Research, the National Institute for Training, Regional Administrations of Italy and Spain, the European Commission (DG IS, DG EAC), the European Training Foundation, and the International Labour Office (support in the UN Staff College project).

SCIENTER was a member of the MENON EEIG, a European research and innovation network, and of the European Foundation for Quality in eLearning (EFQUEL). As an active member of EFQUEL, SCIENTER was involved in the Open Educational Quality Initiative (OPAL,, a partnership between organizations including ICDE and UNESCO which is working to promote quality and innovation in higher and adult education through the use of Open Educational Resources. As a member of MENON, SCIENTER was actively involved in the Open Science Resources Project ( aimed at harvesting the potential of digital science education repositories. SCIENTER was also a partner in the OER Test project, aimed at creating an EU clearing house for Open Educational Resources.

Because of its expertise in policy issues, SCIENTER was originally the leader of WP 4: The role of National and International Policies and strategy. This role has now been taken over by Sero.