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Roskilde University (Roskilde Universitet, RUC) supports part-time studies and blended learning.

Roskilde University is a state university founded in 1972 with the objective of providing research and education at the highest level in the fields of natural science, social science and the humanities.

The main office is in Roskilde, Denmark.

The university has approximately 8,000 students.

In the public minutes of one of the board meetings, on 19th October 2007, we can read “Faculty and students must learn to use sophisticated blended learning. They must use web-based projects, implement net-based exams, enable digital teaching and disseminate research, teaching and student-produced materials for the students and the public by means of digital media.”

Within the framework of the Open University Act, Roskilde University provides opportunities for part-time education in the Basic Studies Programme for the Humanities, Mathematics, Philosophy and Theory of Science, Psychology, Adult Education and Communication as well as a number of master's programmes. Source: [1]

This HEI presented a paper at the CAL'07 Conference in Dublin, March 26-28, 2007 in which RUC analysed two cases of blended learning on campus in the light of diffusion theory and Causal Layered Analysis (PDF). This shows us 2 types of lessons, of which the blended learning lesson takes up 8 class sessions instead of a 3-week workshop.

The Roskilde University’s web site is at


At Roskilde University, e-learning is supported by Sakai, a free and open source Courseware Management System. The blended learning type lesson makes use of notice board, syllabus, roster and readings, presentations, lecture notes, assignments, calendar, chat, discussion forum, wiki, …

A YouTube video about the use of Sakai in the Roskilde University is also available

On the subject of accessibility instead of e-learning, thisRoskilde University developed a tool which reads the web texts out loud.

Students of Roskilde Universitycan use the STADS on-line student services system to register for examinations and see what examinations they have passed or registered for.

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