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The Re.ViCa project ran from October 2007 until October 2009. Re.ViCa made an inventory and carried out a systematic review of cross-institutional Virtual Campus initiatives of the past decade (2000-2009) within higher education at European, national and regional levels.

The main objective of the Re.ViCa project was to identify relevant parameters and success factors for evaluating and comparing Virtual Campuses, based on thorough research and expert input. The Re.ViCa Consortium organised in-depth discussions with experts in order to incorporate the input of different interest groups.

The International Advisory Committee consisted of European and non-European experts in the field of Virtual Campuses, who have provided input on the work of the project team. Many members transferred to the VISCED International Advisory Committee and some then moved on to the POERUP International Advisory Committee.

The results of the research are now available on public wikis - the original wiki and the new archival wiki - some results are also available on (this wiki)

All updated information is available on these wikis.

Many pages from the Re.ViCa wiki, including all university and virtual campus pages, have now been transferred to this POERUP wiki.

Index to the Re.ViCa section of the wiki

  1. Historical overview
  2. Definitions of virtual campus
  3. An Inventory of virtual campuses across the world
    1. Programmes of interest to Virtual Campus analysts
    2. Country reports + Country template for authors and Countries of relevance
    3. Institutional reports (Includes the case studies)
    4. Theoretical Categorization
  4. Critical Success Factors
  5. Resources
  6. Glossary of terms and Abbreviations
  7. Project description
  8. International Advisory Committee, People in the project and other relevant Experts
  9. List of all Categories - countries, case studies, etc
  10. Copyrights
  11. Recent changes
  12. Terms of Service

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