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The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) primarily supports traditional face-to-face education with technology.

Established in 1849, it is a university in Australia with an applied emphasis in courses and research. As of 2009 it has 40,000 students, including 5000 from overseas (representing over 100 countries).

The Queensland University of Technology was created in January 1989 by redesignation of the Queensland Institute of Technology.

As of 2008, QUT uses Blackboard for all course units. Per its online teaching and learning web pages:

QUT utilizes online learning and teaching to deliver a range of benefits to its students. Online learning and teaching makes it easier for students to work collaboratively, provides greater access to learning resources, and allows students to learn at their own place. It also provides more opportunity for feedback and practice, and for reflective practices in learning.
Teaching online involves using a range of new technologies for instructional purposes. To exploit the possibilities of new media most effectively, the development of online courses involves carrying out an educational needs analysis, consulting content experts, graphic and instructional designers, skill development and having access to the equipment, hardware and software needed to produce multimedia and web-based materials.
The University includes copyright material such as journal articles, cases, legislation or book chapters in recommended readings and lecture notes. Presentations, readings and lecture notes which contain copyright material are made available to students through the Course Materials Database (CMD) which is accessible through QUT Blackboard.

External courses "which involve special arrangements whereby teaching materials, assignments etc. are delivered to the student at an off-campus location" are available, though online delivery is not addressed directly in the relevant QUT pages. Further research might reveal a more extensive core of e-learning offerings.

The QUT main office is in Brisbane, Australia. Other campuses are in Garden Points, Kelvin Grove and Caboolture.

The university is one of the members of the Australian Technology Network (ATN).

THe university has a partner called The Australian Access Federation, this organisation will develop and deploy an infrastructure to facilitate trusted electronic communications and collaboration within and between higher education and research institutions both locally and internationally as well as with other organizations, in line with the NCRIS objective of providing researchers with access to an environment necessary to support world-class research. This project builds on the Government funded work in the first phase of the e-Security Framework project (based at the University of Queensland) and the MAMS (Meta Access Management System project, based at Macquarie University).

The Queensland University of Technology web site is at http://www.qut.edu.au/

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