Programa de Iniciação Tecnológica e Cidadania do CEFET

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Programa de Iniciação Tecnológica e Cidadania do CEFET (PROCEFET) is a basic, entry level course on Technology and Citizenship offered at a distance in Rio Grande do Norte, aimed at students of the ninth year of the public schools.

The aim is to provide a revision of subjects such as Portuguese and Mathematics with focus on themes such as citizenship and ethics in relation to day-to-day activities at home, at school and in their professional environment.

The mix of media used in the course is:

• Printable materials • Book • TV classes recorded on university channel – available online • Online assessment

Examples of educational materials used in the course:

1. Click here to see a TV programme example – number 1 of the series, in Portuguese

2. Click here to see the printable materials

Its web site is

> Rio Grande do Norte
> Brazil
> Virtual schools