Professor Peter Chatterton

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Professor Peter Chatterton was adviser to the following institutions taking part in the pilot phase of the e-learning benchmarking exercise.

He specialises in helping industry, education and Government to devise innovative strategies and implementation programmes focused on e-Learning, e-Working, e-Commerce and e-Government. In addition to the technological issues, the scope of his projects covers human, cultural and management issues associated with changes in working, learning and trading practices. He is Managing Director of Daedalus e-World and Visiting Professor in the Centre for the Enhancement of Learning & Teaching at the University of Hertfordshire.

In Benchmarking Phase 1 he was a senior member of the BELA team as leader of the team supporting the group of five ELTI institutions and also working on support of MIT90s. In Benchmarking Phase 2 he is supporting Pick&Mix.

In Pathfinder Phase 1 he is a Critical Friend to the E-Gret cluster.

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