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Potsdam is a City located at 52° 23' 26" N, 13° 3' 52" E. It is located in the Region Brandenburg.

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Potsdam is the capital city of the German federal state of Brandenburg. It directly borders the German capital Berlin and is part of the Berlin-Brandenburg Metropolitan Region. It is situated on the River Havel, 24 kilometres (15 miles) southwest of Berlin's city centre.

Potsdam was a residence of the Prussian kings and the German Kaiser, until 1918. Around the city there are a series of interconnected lakes and cultural landmarks, in particular the parks and palaces of Sanssouci, the largest World Heritage Site in Germany. The Potsdam Conference, the major post-World War II conference between the victorious Allies, was held at another palace in the area, the Cecilienhof.

Its population is 159,456.

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Has coordinates52° 23' 26" N, 13° 3' 52" ELatitude: 52.3905689
Longitude: 13.0644729
Has location typeCity +
Has population159,456 +
Located inBrandenburg +