D4.2 Policy advice (for universities, schools and "colleges")

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Type of outcome/product/results: Paper (public) Delivery date: September 2013

Nature: Report

Language versions:English

Target languages: Summaries for each sector in English, Italian, Hungarian, French, and Dutch

Policy-makers including regional, national and European decision-makers are the main target group for this Deliverable. We will provide these with valid, in-depth information on policy support of OER for the schools, the university and the college/other sectors. This will be based on the inventory, country reports (including mini-reports), the case studies and any existing reports on policy recommendations. (This last category is rather sparse but by late this year there may be more reports available.)

The policy advice will provide them with an in-depth understanding as to the importance of, amongst other factors, the policy context. In particular, an analysis of past policy-relevant successes (and any failures we can discover) will make a significant contribution towards better decision-making by this target group.

ULEIC will assist SCIENTER regarding universities.

RdMC-OUNL will assist SCIENTER regarding schools.

Sero will assist SCIENTER regarding colleges and other providers.


For summaries (in English, but with links to other-language summaries) of the detailed outcomes see:

For the actual reports see: