Philippe Ugochukwu

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Philippe Ugochukwu
Forename Philippe
Surname Ugochukwu
Type Staff
Country United Kingdom
WPs WP2 Cross-sector analysis and comparison"Cross-sectoranalysisandcomparison" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.

Philippe has a background in Social Sciences and a strong interest in business. Studying for an MBA on the internationally acclaimed Warwick Business School distance learning course, Philippe plays a leading role in Sero’s young enterprise activities including running the Sheffield 14-19 Young Entrepreneurs Club. Other responsibilities include helping to roll out the annual Sheffield BiG Challenge competition and the Barnsley ‘I Know I Can’ enterprise challenge.

When Philippe joined Sero initially he specialised in research bringing strong communication skills to our survey activities. These communication skills, including adept use of social media, are now helping to gain a growing following for the Digital Direction business growth programme.