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PHORUS is a consortium led by the Health Sciences and Practice Subject Centre and comprising the Royal Society for Public Health as well as several institutional faculties and departments that teach Public Health as a discipline and also as modules across various disciplines including health professions education, hospitality, exercise health, management, and psychology. Support from Skills for Health has also been given where the purpose of learning is recognised as grounded in need defined by the nature of the job role as well as qualification.

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The initiative is headquartered in London, which is in United Kingdom, in the region of England.
The initiative is led by King's College London.
Latitude and longitude = 51° 30' 12" N, 0° 5' 23" W

ISCED levels = 4;5;6
The initiative is of type OER
The hashtag is phorusjoer1

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Facts about "PHORUS"RDF feed
Has cityLondon +
Has coordinates51° 30' 12" N, 0° 5' 23" WLatitude: 51.503335
Longitude: -0.08974
Has countryUnited Kingdom +
Has hashtagphorusjoer1 +
Has ownerKing's College London +
Has regionEngland +
Isced4 +, 5 + and 6 +
ItypeOER +