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Otwarta Szkola - in English, Open School - is an online educational platform for Poles abroad aged 6-19.

Its web site (in Polish) is at http://otwartaszkola.pl

It is also on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/otwartaszkola


For the third year Otwarta Szkola invites children and young Polish residents outside Poland to participate in on-line lessons, circles of interests and activities for children who are less able to speak Polish.

It is aimed at Poles aged 6 - 19 years old who are "abroad" (i.e. outside Poland) and wish to continue their education in the Polish language on the Internet, to develop their passions and take part in the competitions in question, or prepare for a Polish high school.

For parents of a child residing outside the country who would enable it to return to education in Polish and establish international friendships with other Poles, or wondering how to facilitate their return to the country - see the Otwarta projects or consult with advisors.

If you are a teacher with a passion and would like to use their skills by teaching children and young people from around the world, you are open to innovative methods of distance learning and appreciate the work in a multicultural environment - join the ranks of Otwarta Teachers!

The project "Open School - Migrant Student Support System" is implemented by the Centre for Development of Polish Education Abroad co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund.

The project runs from 04.01.2010 until 08.31.2013.

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