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The Ottawa Carleton E-School (OCES) is a private Internet High School that is accredited by the Ministry of Education in Ontario. Its website is .

Further Information

OCES describes its mission as:

" make education available to all those who are aspiring to obtain their high school diploma, yet for various reasons find it difficult to attend conventional classroom courses."

This includes both current high-school age students and adult students who may wish to gain a high-school diploma.

OCES was designed to provide high school education for many types of students including:

*Students that require a course that their own local high school is not offering in a particular semester

*Those who are pursuing careers in professional athletics or arts and must travel a great deal during the school year

*Students with health related issues that prevent them from attending a traditional high school

*Mature students who are working full time and do not wish to attend night school

*Students who are seeking entry into a college or university program and are missing a necessary prerequisite

*International students seeking Canadian education

Courses are generally 3 month duration although students can complete in advance. Students are supported by teachers but are not expected to attend (physically or virtually) scheduled 'classes'. Fees are chargeable - the most recent listed are Can $399.00 per course.



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