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Osnabruck is a City located at 52° 16' 48" N, 8° 2' 50" E. It is located in the Region Lower Saxony.

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Osnabruck - with accents, Osnabrück (Westphalian: Ossenbrügge; archaic English: Osnaburg) is a city in Lower Saxony, Germany, some 100 kilometres (62 miles) NNE of Dortmund, 50 km (31 miles) NE of Münster, and some 130 km (81 miles) due west of Hanover. As of December 31, 2012, its population was 154,513, making it the fourth-largest city in Lower Saxony. However, historically, culturally as well as linguistically, Osnabrück belongs to the region of Westphalia.