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Orkney College is a further and higher education college in Orkney, an archipelago in northern Scotland. It is one of very few non-incorporated colleges in Scotland and is the responsibility of the Orkney Islands Council, which has devolved many powers, including management, funding and staffing to the College Management Council.

It is an academic partner in the University of the Highlands and Islands.

The College serves the Orkney community, which is rural and has long had an economy based on agriculture and fishing. Its main campus is a purpose-built site opened in 2000 on the outskirts of Kirkwall.

The College has strong links with agriculture and opened an Agronomy Institute in 2002.

Orkney College's courses provide students of all ages with a full range of qualifications from Scottish Vocational Qualifications, Scottish Group Awards (Higher Still) through Higher National Certificate and Diploma to Degree and postgraduate Degree Level.

It hosts research in agronomy, archaeology, cultural studies, geophysics, Nordic studies, language and literature.

Its web site is http://www.orkney.uhi.ac.uk


Distance learning

The college offers a number of courses at a distance online: http://www.orkney.uhi.ac.uk/courses?search=Search+by+keyword...&area=+&level=+&mode=y&submit=submit

Online learning for on-campus students

The college library offers students access to online resources: http://www.orkney.uhi.ac.uk/students/facilities/library-service#tab1

Open Educational Resources (OER)

No evidence found of OERs.


Blackboard is the VLE at Orkney College.

For more information see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orkney_College

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