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The Oregon Network for Education (ONE) supports college, university, and K-12 distance education courses, programs, and services in the state of Oregon, US.

ONE is a consortium of institutions and is not a degree-granting university. Degrees are issued by the colleges and universities that offer the degrees, and high school diplomas are issued by the student's high school. Students apply directly to the institution that offers the degree.

Participating institutions include Oregon State University, Portland State University and Portland Community Colleges. (See http://oregonone.org/partic.htm for a full list.) Some offer courses only, while other offer full degrees.

Some portions of the Oregon ONE web site redirect to the regular University of Oregon web site as of September 2009. Others are unaffected.

The Oregon Network for Education's main office is in Oregon, US.

The Oregon Network for Education web site is at http://oregonone.org/infodesk.html

More details

The ONE web site notes:

Oregon campuses and schools use a wide range on-line courseware, including BlackBoard, WebCT, eCollege and EMBANET
Distance education courses are also delivered using a variety of video networks. K-12 operates an Internet Protocol (IP) video conferencing network that connects high schools, ESDs, community colleges and universities throughout Oregon. Community colleges also deliver telecourses over regional cable access channels and ITFS (Instructional Television Fixed Service) channels. OUS campuses use an internal IP video network, a microwave network, ITFS, and videotapes to deliver educational opportunities. All three sectors are experimenting with various video streaming and archiving distance education applications.

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