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The Open University of Libya is based in Tripoli, Libya. Created in 1987, it has branches in Benghazi, Sebha, Ejdabia, Derna, Misurata and El-Kufra. Curricula and teaching programmes have been delivered via printed and audiovisual materials.

It now claims 7,000 students and around 5,600 graduates. It awards undergraduate and graduate degrees in Arabic, Islamic studies, law, business, social sciences, and education. The university also prides itself on its Arabic-language academic press

Its web site is at and appears active (at April 2009).

It is cited also in the recent article by Ala’a Al-Din J. Kadhem Al-Radhi (2008) on distance education in Iraq.

Further information

Cooperation with Al-Quds Open University

Al-Quds Open University (QOU) and the Open University of Libya signed a cooperation agreement on 11 March 2007, at QOU's office in Amman - see the Press Release.

The two sides agreed on academic, cultural and technical cooperation in the development of academic programs and curricula, in addition to exchanging textbooks, research and multimedia learning materials.

Under the agreement, QOU has agreed to share its experience in open and distance learning systems with the Open University of Libya, and to train some of its staff on curricula development and the production of audio-visual educational media. QOU will also provide OUL with textbooks and lectures recorded on compact disks.

Prof. Amr (QOU President) commented: "This agreement proves that QOU has pioneered open and distance learning systems, and this encourages us to contribute to enhancing education and knowledge in Palestine and the Arab world." He added: "We are very proud that Arab and even foreign institutions ask for our assistance."

Dr. Abdel-Rahman Al- Azraq of the OUL, and Dr. Roshdi Al-Qawasmeh (Dir. QOU office, Amman) attended the signing of the agreement.


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