Open Educational Resources Policy Background - IPT 692R - Summer 2009

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Open Educational Resources Policy Background - IPT 692R :: Summer 2009

Page length: 24 pages.

Date: 2009


This document was produced by students and faculty in IPT 692R: Open Education Policy Seminar, including Michelle Baron, Darin Oviatt, Jared Stein, Kimball Thomson, and David Wiley.


Research of the present state of OER efforts at institutions in the United States reveals some standardization of polices concerning the sharing of OER. OER policies commonly include:

  • Voluntary faculty participation
  • Allocation of some institutional resources for development and web hosting
  • Materials are made available under Creative Commons licenses
  • Ownership of materials used is retained by the faculty, the institution, or other

rights holder(s)

  • OER are reviewed to prevent intellectual property licensing conflicts
  • The institution does not offer credit, student support services, or access to faculty

in conjunction with OER

Recommendations include:

  • University discusion of OER efforts at BYU and guidance for interested faculty

and students

  • Consideration of strategic support of OER at BYU and the use of institutional

resources in support of these efforts

  • Possible development of policy and process to catalog and support OER efforts at

BYU and to protect the institution from liability and inefficent use of resources


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