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The Ontario eLearning Consortium is a partnership of District School Boards establshied in 2001. The OeLC now develops and delivers online courses, resources and modules, trains teachers and performs quality assurances. Recent fugures (2011) suggest that the Consortium supports [19 member boards] (both Public and Catholic see the Ontario Catholic eLearning Consortium), representing close to 900,000 students throughout metropolitan and rural areas.

Its website is http://oelc.ca/

Further information

Ontario has well established tradition of offering district-based online learning programmes— dating back to the Avon Maitland Distance Education Centre in 1994-95. During the 2009-10 school year, the OeLC had 9,695 enrolments - up from 6,276 in 2008-09 (from iNACOL 2010).


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