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Old Dominion University (ODU) has supported distance learning since the mid-1980s and is considered by some to be a pioneer in telecommunications and continuing education.

ODU's main office is in Virginia, US. It was founded in 1930 as a branch campus of the College of William and Mary, also in Virginia, US.

As stated on the Old Dominion web site:

The Office of Distance Learning extends the value of a regionally-accredited university education through a variety of distance learning options, including TELETECHNET, a satellite delivery network established in 1994. Additionally, Internet and computer-based deliveries make higher education more convenient, flexible, and easily accessible for working students and those in rural communities.
Old Dominion offers nationally ranked programs in the sciences, engineering, arts and letters, health sciences, business and education. Our network includes nearly 50 locations throughout Virginia [and other US states], the Bahamas, and even U.S. Navy ships and submarines deployed around the globe.

ODU offers over 50 degree programmes by satellite, online, video-streaming and CD-ROM. The university enrolment is roughly 23,000 total, of which 17,000 are undergraduate and 6000 are postgraduate students. 1,400 international students are from over 100 countries worldwide. (See ODU Campus Facts for more information.)

The Old Dominion web site is at http://www.odu.edu/

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