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Ohio University Without Boundaries (OUWB) supports web-based and "immersive" postgraduate degree programs, certificate programs, and learning communities across a wide variety of disciplines.

It is part of Ohio University, Ohio, US.

According to its web site, OUWB "designs, develops, and delivers learning experiences for professional working people and other adult learners [by] working with the vast educational resources of Ohio University and with other partner organizations."

Targeted students include full-time working professionals seeking to complete higher education degrees.

Second Life Campus

In particular, OUWB provides access to the Ohio University Second Life Campus, as best envisioned in a promotional YouTube video from 2007. Students may complete entire courses within Second Life, using the SL "Learning Kiosks".

As noted on a popular immersive environment education wiki, Simteach.com:

Three Ohio University units have developed a Second Life campus currently consisting of three sim[ulation]s, two in the Main Grid, one in the Teen Grid. The blueprint was based around how best to serve traditional college students, adult and distance learners, high school students, and middle school students in a convenient and engaging fashion that would allow for both synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences. Our goal is to provide an attractive and engaging metaphor for Ohio University's beautiful real-world campus and extend Ohio University's mission into the synthetic world in Second Life. The Ohio University Second Life campus can be found at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/ohio%20university/20/36/24/

Most information about the Ohio University Second Life Campus dates to 2006-2007.

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