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Area 8,525,989 km2
Contains American Samoa, Australia, Cocos Islands, Cook Islands, Christmas Island, Fiji, Micronesia Federated States, Guam, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, New Caledonia, Norfolk Island, Nauru, Niue, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Papua New Guinea, Pitcairn, Palau, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Vanuatu, Wallis and Futuna
Population 71814000

Oceania - also known as Oceanica - is a region centred on the islands (big and small) of the tropical Pacific Ocean. Opinions of what constitutes Oceania range from its three subregions of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia to, more broadly, the entire insular region between Asia and the Americas, including Australasia - and perhaps even (but not for us) the Malay Archipelago.

The term is often used more specifically to denote a continent comprising Australia and proximate islands - or biogeographically as a synonym for either the Australasian ecozone (Wallacea and Australasia) or the Pacific ecozone (Melanesia, Polynesia, and Micronesia apart either from New Zealand or from mainland New Guinea).

We divide Oceania into Australasia and Pacifica.

OER Map: Oceania

Total number of Open Education Initiatives in Oceania on Sunday, 5 April 2020 at 16:11 = 23 , of which:

  • 20 are MOOC
  • 3 are OER

Initiatives per million = 0.32

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