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The Open University of Japan (OUJ; the former name is the University of the Air), is a distance university, which was established in 1983 in order to develop, provide, and promote innovative higher distance education of top quality. OUJ delivers learning content and various student support services through broadcasting (TV and radio), printed materials and/or the Internet. As the core university of lifelong learning in Japan, OUJ opens to everyone in wide-ranging stages of life, who has the learning needs and ambitions, and provides learning spaces in which students can learn anytime and anywhere. At 57 Study Centers, which are allocated at least one in each prefecture, schooling (lectures in face-to-face mode) and student services (e.g. library and student activity supports) are also carried out. After the establishment, over 1.1 million of people learned and more than 86,000 students now enroll at OUJ in total.

For details see http://ocw.ouj.ac.jp

The initiative is headquartered in Chiba, which is in Japan, in the region of Chiba.
The initiative is led by The Open University of Japan.
Latitude and longitude = 35° 39' 12" N, 140° 3' 0" E

ISCED levels = 4;5;6
The initiative is of type OER
The hashtag is oujpoec

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Facts about "OUJ - OEC"RDF feed
Has cityChiba +
Has coordinates35° 39' 12" N, 140° 3' 0" ELatitude: 35.653362
Longitude: 140.050052
Has countryJapan +
Has hashtagoujpoec +
Has ownerThe Open University of Japan +
Has regionChiba +
Isced4 +, 5 + and 6 +
ItypeOER +