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The Open University of Israel (OUI) is the largest public university and academic publisher in Israel. With more than 40,000 students, it offers 650 courses in all major disciplines. Since its establishment in 1974 the OUI published over 500 academic titles, and prints over a million copies annually. These books constitute the largest and most comprehensive collection of university-level text-books in Israel, especially adapted to the needs of distant learners. The books and the accompanying course materials (study guides, assignments, audiovisual, multimedia and web-based) are delivered to OUI students and are used for self study. The university has a robust Hebrew-based home-grown LMS and it offers a rich variety of on-line learning models, including Web 2.0 applications. OUI uses a hybrid (or blended) pedagogical model which combines distance a-synchronous tutoring with face-to-face sessions, some by video broadcasting to classrooms in study centers and to students' homes via their broadband web access.

For details see http://ocw.openu.ac.il

The initiative is headquartered in Ra'anana, which is in Israel, in the region of Central District Israel.
The initiative is led by The Open University of Israel.
Latitude and longitude = 32° 11' 19" N, 34° 53' 16" E

ISCED levels = 4;5;6
The initiative is of type OER
The hashtag is openuiloec

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Facts about "OUI - OEC"RDF feed
Has cityRa'anana +
Has coordinates32° 11' 19" N, 34° 53' 16" ELatitude: 32.188588
Longitude: 34.887685
Has countryIsrael +
Has hashtagopenuiloec +
Has ownerThe Open University of Israel +
Has regionCentral District Israel +
Isced4 +, 5 + and 6 +
ItypeOER +