OER in Gulf States

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It was originally intended in POERUP to produce one unified report on OER in Gulf States. However, because of the differences between them and the range of expertise needed to analyse them, we have produced separate reports for each country. In addition, a separate report was offered for Saudi Arabia. Thus we have a report for each country of the Gulf Cooperation Council

See the individual entries:

  1. Bahrain - detailed report at Media:OER_in_Bahrain.pdf
  2. Kuwait - detailed report at Media:OER_in_Kuwait.pdf
  3. Oman - detailed report at Media:OER_in_Oman.pdf
  4. Qatar - detailed report at Media:OER_in_Qatar.pdf
  5. United Arab Emirates - detailed report at Media:OER_in_UAE_edited.pdf
  6. Saudi Arabia - detailed report at Media:OER_in_Saudi_Arabia.pdf

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