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OER Initiatives in Denmark

National OER initiatives

A comprehensive and recommendable report on OER in Denmark is written by Harling in 2010. (2)


www.emu.dk is the main public portal for educational content in Denmark. It is provided by UNI∙C which is an agency that delivers a veriety of ICT related services to the Danish Ministry of Education. The site provides several portals with OER content including:

Materialeplatformen is a national repository for all Danish learning resources which provides a single access-point for teachers, students and content producers. The repository includes summaries of all educational resources including professional multimedia clips, publications, and inspirational material from teachers.

e-museum is an online museum initiative supported by the Danish Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture which includes pedagogical presentations of the digital content of museums and science centres. The web-site allows students and the general public to visit museums located far from home. The goal of the initiative was to increase accessibility to online exhibitions and develop educational content specifically targeting the educational system.

Danish Public Broadcasting

The Danish Public Broadcasting (DR) provides a portal for academic lectures called “The Academi for the Danes”. The portal aims at communicating research based knowledge to the public.

Danish Healthcare Services

Sundhed.dk is the official portal for the public Danish Healthcare Services which includes comprehensive information about helth, diseases, medicine etc for patients and healthcare professionals.


DuDa is a comprehensive site with links to educational resources for school children, parents and teachers. It is a private initiative run by the Jensen family since 2002. According to the information in Danish, the portal included 10.000 links and had 5.000.000 page views in 2010.

Resources for mathematics

Matematikonline is a portal with links to online games for mathematics. Matlex is a mathematical encyclopedia for the secondary school level provided by Randers HF & VUC. Matematikbanken is a collection of mathematical resources for lower secondary school provided by five teachers from Bjergsnæs Efterskole.

Regional OER initiatives

Institutional OER initiatives

The University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen provides a portal with links to educational resources for primary schools and secondary schools.

Aarhus University

Aarhus University has an open podcast archive with videopresentations of lectures in various subjects.

Arhus University also provides danmarkshistorien.dk which is a comprehensive and varied online resource of the Danish history.

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