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The New Jersey Virtual University (NJVU) coordinates distance learning for the state of New Jersey, US. It is not a degree-granting institution itself, but rather offers a 'compilation' of distance-education opportunities at over 40 public and independent higher education institutions in New Jersey.

The New Jersey Virtual University was launched in 1999, and its Web site does not seem to have been updated since; hence its present function is not entirely clear. When its site was last updated, 70 complete degree and certificate programs were offered (through participating institutions) at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels; a total of over 2,000 credit and non-credit courses were available. All were offered by the individual institutions, which were responsible for registration, administration, and granting of degrees. Courses took place online or via video (e.g. DVD/VHS), using a combination of email, Internet, TV, CD/multimedia, 'interactive' TV, audio tapes, video tapes, or paper-based correspondence.

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