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Founded in 1996, is considered India's 'premier eLearning portal', serving 500,000 learners.It was first conceived as part of the Centre for Research in Cognitive Sciences at NIIT, a computer training and software solutions company based in New Delhi, India. NetVarsity is sponsored by Banco Bradesco, Brazil's largest and world's third largest private bank. is revolutionizing eLearning through cyber café initiatives by turning them into a centre of excellence and knowledge hub. They have developed 375.000 learniing CD's spread through NIIT centers. NetVarsity also conducts virtual online learning sessions through an active eMentor support. This includes creation of customized eLearning content around the online courses combined with inbuilt eMentor Notes on every topic to make the learning more integrated.

They teach to corporates in through three different ways:

  • Web based training (internet).
  • Web Based Tutorials (intranet,lan).
  • CD's.

More details

NIIT offers over 400 online courses, and boasts almost 3500 learning centres across 33 countries. NatVarsity is known for its emphasis on IT courses and vendor certifications.

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