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The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) supports online and distance learning. It is Nigeria's largest tertiary institution in terms of student numbers. NOUN's mission is to provide cost-effective, flexible learning which adds lifelong value to quality education for all who seek knowledge. Their vision is to be regarded as the foremost university providing highly accessible and enhanced quality education anchored by social justice, equity, equality, and national cohesion.

NOUN specialises in open and distance learning. Online learning materials are a recent addition (and seem to be mostly in PDF), according to the NOUN web site:

The online course library is very young. It is still being set up in order to support learning activities of the university. Its major aim is to facilitate access to digital course material. The online course library's collection is expected to grow, as new material are being converted and added on a day to day basis.

Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, the National Open University of Nigeria has more than 35 study centres throughout the country. A recent estimate of student enrolment was 32,400. NOUN offers roughly 50 programmes and 750 courses, from certificate to diploma and degree level. A primary goal is to educate Nigeria's workforce. NOUN also seeks to contribute to Nigeria's Universal Basic Education effort and its Education For All programmes.

The National Open University of Nigeria web site is at

NOUN radio station

The National Open University of Nigeria has established its own radio station in its headquarters in Lagos. The radio station is also one of the strategies to disseminate NOUN programmes to its students in Lagos to start with. Efforts are being made by the institution management towards establishing more radio station across the country to further assist in transmitting their programmes to other students in the remaining states of the federation. The NOUN Radio Station started full broadcast on February 1st 2008 and has been providing listeners with lots of educational programmes. It is an entertaining, informative and educative station.

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