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Middlesex University was established as a University in 1992. It is based in London, England. It is now widely regarded as an excellent international provider of higher education with strong academic credentials and highly employable and successful graduates.

The history of Middlesex University began in the late 1880s, when two educational institutions opened their doors in north London - St Katherine's College and the Hornsey School of Arts and Crafts. Both would become part of Middlesex Polytechnic, which was founded in 1973. Middlesex was awarded the title 'University' - by Royal Assent - in 1992.

Middlesex operates with a wide variety of UK and international partners. In addition to its five campuses in North London, it also has a campus in Dubai.

The Middlesex University Dubai campus opened in September 2005. Academic programmes in Dubai have the same validation and monitoring system as in London, with the same examinations taken simultaneously in both cities.

The web site is http://www.mdx.ac.uk/. There is also a useful Wikipedia entry on Middlesex University.


Global Campus

In addition to on-campus e-learning, Middlesex University developed a Global Campus. Although this was technically only within one School (Computing Science), it had a significant effect on the university and in particular led to a large contract with UKeU. However, in the last three years a combination of reorganisation, staff losses and the death of a key person (a former Dean and PVC) meant that momentum does not seem to have been maintained. In particular the Global Campus web site looks out of date.

On-campus activity

In particular Middlesex University was a member of Phase 1, of the UK HE benchmarking e-learning programme.

Middlesex University is one of the university and educational members of Dubai Knowledge Village.

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