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Fast searchable Sero OER Map Tool

POERUP OER Map engine - - runs from the MongoDB version of the OER database

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Open Education Initiatives (OER and MOOCs) - dynamic map

Total number in database on Wednesday, 28 September 2016 at 17:01 = 499

With marker clustering

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Without marker clustering

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Want to know more detail? Use Mega Map

POERUP "static" wiki maps

"Static" page versions of the database (currently Rel 7) in Google Maps and Open Street Map - but instant-searchable and resizable

Google Map Engine Pro maps

Version of the current database (Release 7) - POERUP 501

POERUP Open Access map

Harvested directly from the OpenDOAR repository: 2000 entries with the geocodes

See The OpenDOAR 2000

Note that a significant number of OpenDOAR entries do not have geocodes.

The harvesting breadth was "basic", as defined at

POERUP "static" but instant-searchable Open Access Map

"Static" page versions of the OpenDOAR Open Access database in Google Maps and Open Street Map - instant-searchable and resizable

POERUP Language Map

Early release at Languages

Maps from other projects

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