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Welcome to POERUP!

POERUP (Policies for OER Uptake) is a project running until April 2014 approved by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme under Key Activity 3 ICT.


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  2. Notable initiatives - see Report on Comparative Analysis of Transversal OER Initiatives
  3. Policies for countries - see - the first of several reports, others coming soon
  4. Case studies (soon)

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10 April 2014

We can announce today that the funding period of the POERUP project is extended until 30 June 2014. In particular this will allow POERUP staff to present POERUP results conferences in May and June including EFQUEL Innovation Forum 2014 Crete in May and EDEN 2014 Zagreb Croatia in June.

The reporting phase of the project will now run over summer 2014.

This is as a consequence of certain amendments to the project including the loss of one partner: Sero has taken over this partner's work. A number of activities have been held back pending this amendment and activity levels are rising. In particular a large programme of updates to country pages is now under way. See the 8 April news for another consequence.

POERUP looks forward to seeing its many colleagues and co-workers at the April conferences OCWC 2014 Ljubljana Slovenia and OER14 Newcastle England where case studies will be presented on ALISON and FutureLearn respectively.

We also would like to draw your attention to the International policies workshop at OCWC 2014 - focussing on Opening Up Education and its relevance to OER policies in Member States.

8 April 2014

A common open data collection template for OER, MOOC, Opening up Education, distance learning and related initiatives has been released by POERUP and is now being used by POERUP staff and consultants for the final round of data collection of initiatives and policies.

For details see Initiatives sample tabulation

There is a similar version for OER policies - Policies sample tabulation

18 February 2014

On the 18th of February, Alex Tarkowski on behalf of Creative Commons organized a debate on Really Open Education. Domestic Policies for Open Educational Resources, hosted by Róża Gräfin von Thun und Hohenstein, MEP. The meeting brought together almost 40 experts and stakeholders from a range of educational projects, national schooling systems, and national and international non-governmental organizations across Europe. Robert Schuwer from POERUP and OUNL was there and spoke about Wikiwijs, also a POERUP case study.

There is an excellent summary of the event with links to slides at

5 February 2014

Revised version of Open Education Greenland (OEG) report, based on an earlier report from ODS, available from OKFN, 5 February 2014 -

11 December 2013 - France report available now in French

The two-day POERUP partner meeting has just finished.

As an immediate public outcome of that, the full PDF version in French of the Country Report on France is uploaded to the wiki and can be found at Media:POERUP_Rapport_fr_10122012.pdf

28 October 2013 - Consolidated reports on Gulf States and EU countries

The various country reports produced earlier for POERUP on countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council in the Middle East have been edited and made public on the POERUP wiki, linked to the relevant country pages. The reports are extremely thorough and also shed an up to date light on developments in education, e-learning, internet and copyright in these countries, complementing the initial work on them done in the Re.ViCa and VISCED projects. The project is very grateful to its consultants Manal AlMarwani and Charlie Watt for their work. For an index to the reports see OER in Gulf States.

There are now 15 EU countries (out of the 28 in total) which have country reports done by POERUP staff or contracted consultants. One, Ireland, was not in the original list, but has been added since it is the topic of a policy study. See EU countries.

There are now 30 countries on which POERUP has done specific Country reports.

14 August 2013

Deliverable 2.3 is now available - Report on Comparative Analysis of Transversal OER Initiatives

Despite being deep summer, we decided to release it generally now, to allow comments before the autumn conference season.

14 June 2013

The Progress Report (and associated reports and deliverables) were submitted to the European Commission in March 2013. They were accepted on 11 June 2013 and approved for publication.

8 March 2013

A-Z of OER round the world: 26 country studies released on the POERUP wiki -

The most recent ones are Argentina, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait.

Thailand can be found at - this is a pilot for a possible new series of integrated POERUP/VISCED/Re.ViCa reports covering distance learning in schools, colleges and universities with particular reference to OER.

17 January 2013

Congratulations to those currently updating the reports on Spain, Belgium and France.

Reports on Argentina, Oman (in the Gulf States) and Thailand are being prepared offline in Word form at present by selected consultants .

25 September 2012

All extant invitations to tender are now closed. It is planned to notify successful applicants next week.

13 September 2012

Invitation to Tender Released 13 September 2012 - reposted on the POERUP wiki at 1600 GMT Friday 13 September 2012

See OER studies for Scandinavian countries and Romania

12 September 2012

OER studies for South Europe countries - Invitation to Tender issued for three studies of OER in Spain, Portugal and Greece

10 September 2012

OER studies for non-EU countries - Invitation to Tender issued for five studies of OER in South Africa, Thailand, Mexico, Argentina and Gulf States

Overview of the project

See For more details see POERUP on this wiki.


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POERUP Consortium

The Consortium is a group of organisations across Europe and Canada interested in understanding how better to foster the uptake of OER by governments and groups of educational institutions. It consists of:

The Project Manager and lead bid writer is Professor Paul Bacsich.

The Scientific Lead is Professor Gráinne Conole

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