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POERUP (Policies for OER Uptake) was a project part-funded by the EU until the end of June 2014,
under the EU Lifelong Learning Programme Key Activity 3 ICT.

The final report was delivered to EU in late October 2014 and accepted on 22 January 2015

The related project SharedOER final report was published on 1 June by IPTS.

Work continues on ADOERUP (Adult Education and OER), and D-TRANSFORM.

Latest News in 2015

25 August 2015 Open Knowledge Foundation "Open Education Country" reports all linked from the POERUP wiki, including now Moldova

We have now linked the Open Knowledge Foundation's blog postings on Open Education over the last six months for various countries into the relevant country pages of the POERUP wiki. The list includes Moldova, Lithuania, (Republic of) Macedonia, Australia, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea and Russia.

20 July 2015 SEQUENT project on "Quality in e-learning" (and OER) approved by European Commission

We are pleased to announce that the Final Report of the SEQUENT project has been approved by the European Commission. The deliverables include a "Showcases Report" on University 'showcases' for 'quality in e-learning' procedures done by key staff in POERUP:

For more on the SEQUENT project and to see its other outputs pleas visit the project web site at

1 June 2015 SharedOER Final Report published by IPTS

This is available at

For earlier news, see News

Key outputs

  1. Final Report of POERUP
  2. POERUP Country reports and Continents
  3. POERUP Policies (proposals for countries)
  4. OER and MOOC Maps and an overview report - see File:POERUP D2.1 edition 2.pdf
  5. Open Education Initiatives (around 500 notable ones listed)
  6. List of Deliverables for POERUP(every Public Deliverable is listed)

Other pages of interest

  1. Mega Map of all Open Education Initiatives - per-character searchable version at Mega Map Searchable
  2. Search for initiatives - with full Semantic search (specialists only) at Semantic Search
  3. Shortcuts to important pages
  4. (Editors and Curators only) Data entry forms - including Form:Enter person for People of POERUP
  5. For related and successor projects see Beyond POERUP

See also the Sidebar (on the left of the screen) for the most common topics for readers and, under the System heading, actions for editors/curators

Map of Open Education Initiatives, OER (blue) and MOOCs (green) - clustering switched on

Total number in database on Sunday, 4 October 2015 at 04:31 = 499

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  1. Our reports
  2. Other Publications
  3. Brochure
  4. Countries and Supraregions - also see All countries - countries where OER has been reported on or sighted by POERUP are marked on the map at Reports and sightings of OER
  5. Initiatives - see Open Education Initiatives - and Search
  6. Related projects
  7. All pages
  8. All categories
  9. Other wikis
  10. Maps !!!

Closing picture

Initiatives per million population plotted by continents - guess who is in the lead? then check