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Welcome to POERUP!

POERUP (Policies for OER Uptake) is a project part-funded by the EU until the end of June 2014,
under the EU Lifelong Learning Programme Key Activity 3 ICT.
The final report will be delivered to EU at the end of September 2014.

Initiatives per million population plotted by continents - guess who is in the lead? then check


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Key links

  1. Mega Map of all Open Education Initiatives - per-character searchable version at Mega Map Searchable
  2. Continent maps and summaries - Continents - with maps and tables of initiatives
  3. Country reports - green blocks in the map at Reports and sightings of OER
  4. Notable initiatives - see Category:Open Education Initiatives
  5. Policies for countries - see - the first of several reports, others coming soon
  6. Maps from POERUP and related projects
  7. Semantic search (specialists only) Semantic Search - with customised searches at Search
  8. (Editors and Curators only) Data entry forms - including Form:Enter person for People of POERUP to input or edit their details

Map of Open Education Initiatives, OER (blue) and MOOCs (green) - clustering switched on

Total number in database on Friday, 19 September 2014 at 01:31 = 498

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Latest News in 2014

17 September 2014 Open Education in Italy - Map for consultation

The final POERUP push on updates to the POERUP OER Map kicks off with Italy - 30 initiatives at

Soon to be followed by Germany, Spain, Portugal, France....

There will be a full database update at end of September 2014.

28 August 2014: Is Open Access part of OER? You be the judge

The number of open access repositories swamps the number of OER and MOOC projects by at least 4:1. You be the judge - see our new map of 2702 Open Access Repositories at Map of the Day - data edited from a harvest of OpenDOAR

More maps also added at Maps.

27 August 2014 Leading countries for open education: extracts from the POERUP Open Education Initiatives database on the wiki

Ratio of initiatives to population for 21 key OER countries


On the basis of information in process of curation we estimate that the UK, US and German figures are going to be considerably higher and the Spanish figures somewhat higher, but that New Zealand will retain its leadership position.

Such calculations are now possible on the fly using Semantic Wiki Results Formats since the main fields from all records in the version 7.0 database are now available on the wiki - see Open Education Initiatives

For earlier news, see News


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