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Maarten de Laat is associate professor of management staff and director of the Networked Learning research programme at the Ruud de Moor Centrum, Open Universiteit. His research concentrates on professional development, knowledge creation through (online) social networks and the impact the technology and social design has on the way these networks work and learn. He has published and presented his work extensively in research journals, books and conferences. He is currently a member of the local organizing committee of the EARLI conference in Exeter (2011) as well as the organizing committee of the international Networked Learning conference hosted at the Open Universiteit in 2012, the steering committee of the Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (2012) and co-chair of the minitrack Learning Analytics & Networked Learning at the 2012 HICSS conference. During the previous Networked Learning conference in Aalborg, 2010 he organized a series of online pre-conference Hot Seat discussions bringing together key thinkers and researchers on networked learning theory and methodology using a social networking site. The site attracted over 350 registered users.

Selected publications:

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