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Lutfor Rahman is currently employed as Professor and Chairman of department of Electronics and Telecommunications at the People's University of Bangladesh. Before joining this university, he served as Vice-Chancellor of Pundra University of Science and Technology in Bogra and Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the University of Science and Technology Chittagong (USTC), Bangladesh. In his long career he has academic, industrial and research experience in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia. He also served the United States Geological Survey (USGS) as Radio Communications Engineer and the Sanyo Electronics Co. (Japan) as Electronics Engineer in 80s. He started his career as lecturer in Physics in 1970.

Mr. Rahman obtained M.Sc in Physics in 1969 and another Master degree in Applied Physics and Electronics in 1972 from the University of Rajshahi. He has 34 publications on science and technology applications and higher education. He attended 25 international events held at different universities of USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and Asian countries as a presenter or session chair. He has earned numerous awards and Fellowships from different universities and the organizations like CSC, UNESCO. TWAS, IDRC etc for his unique papers and presentations Professor Rahman is a board member of the Texas based ICTE (International Conference on Technology in Education) held in alternative years in USA, Europe and Africa. He is also the member of URSI at Ghent, Belgium, and ICT coordinator of the Commonwealth Science Council (CSC) based in London, UK. He participated in numerous training programmes on technology and higher education.

He was born in a remote village- Ikrail in Bangladesh in 1949 where education at that time was almost impossible. He has established community primary, general education school and Technical (Vocational) school in his birthplace that has brought tremendous change in the community. He is the founder of the schools where he has established ISTI (Indigenous Science and Technology at Ikrail) Resource Centre to solve all pervasive problems in the community using his designed technology. He is also founder and Chief Executive of the Association for Advancement of Information Technology (AAIT) -NGO established in 1997 under auspices of the CSC and the ministry of Science and ICT, government of Bangladesh.

Prof. Rahman is the husband of Laila Noor (M.Ed), teacher of education in physical science and he is the father three kids. They are Mr. Shahriar (Engineer), Ms. Nusrat Rahman (Ph.D student at Maryland State University on Bio-Informatics) and Ms. Ishrat (science student at Holy Cross College, Dhaka).

He is also a member of the Re.ViCa International Advisory Committee (IAC).

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