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Luneburg is a City located at 53° 14' 47" N, 10° 24' 41" E. It is located in the Region Lower Saxony.

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Luneburg - with accents Lüneburg (officially the Hanseatic Town of Lüneburg, German: Hansestadt Lüneburg; Low German: Lümborg, Polabian: Glain), also called Lunenburg in English, is a town in the German state of Lower Saxony. It is located about 45 km (28 mi) southeast of another Hanseatic city, Hamburg. It is part of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The capital of the District of Lüneburg, its population is around 72,000 people.

Facts about "Luneburg"RDF feed
Has coordinates53° 14' 47" N, 10° 24' 41" ELatitude: 53.2464214
Longitude: 10.4115179
Has location typeCity +
Has population72,000 +
Located inLower Saxony +