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The Linnéuniversitetet (Linnaeus University, Lnu) supports distance learning through its Blackboard LMS.

Lnu is a dual-campus university that was formed by the merger of Växjö University and the University of Kalmar, which is officially in practice since 1 January 2010. Lnu sees as its main attraction points: the range of degree programmes and courses, its openness for new ideas and its international profile.

The Linnaeus University offices and campuses are located in Kalmar and in Växjö, Sweden.

After the merge, this university enrolls 31,000 students, 15,000 full-time equivalents and employs 2,000 members of staff. Lnu enables distance learning through its LMS system: You communicate with the teacher and other students with the help of a web-based study place / learning platform consisting of discussion forums, group work, recorded lectures or video meetings / conferences with the help of a web camera.

The university requires its distance students to still have contact hours, either at the university or municipal learning centers: Students from a number of geographical locations are linked via a video conference in order to benefit from lectures or participate in seminars.

The Linnéuniversitetet web site is at Its Blackboard LMS can be found at

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