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ThinkTank Cities (Leuphana) is a chance to develop a vision for our living together in the 21st century using the intelligence of thousands of multi-disciplinary teams. Conceive and design YOUR IDEAL CITY! Participants will be working in multi-disciplinary teams. Leading scholars and experts will guide and support teams in creating their own vision of an 'Ideal City of the 21st Century'.
For details see http://www.mooc-list.com/course/thinktank-cities-leuphana
The initiative is headquartered in [[]]
The initiative is part of Leuphana University
Latitude and longitude = 53° 13' 47" N, 10° 24' 7" E

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Has coordinates53° 13' 47" N, 10° 24' 7" ELatitude: 53.229688
Longitude: 10.401963