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The Law Faculty of the State University of Linz (Institut für multimediale Linzer Rechtsstudien, Linzer Rechtsstudien) is a full virtual campus through e-learning.

The State University of Linz’s main office is in Linz, Austria and now seems to be merged into the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

The Law Faculty of the State University of Linz (Linzer Rechtsstudien) organises and assists on behalf of the Johannes Kepler University Linz, a Multimedia Degree (germ.: „Diplom“) in Legal Studies. These courses are now offered following a four-year trial period which started in October 2002.

According to official information 2,800 active students are registered worldwide. Five- to six hundred first-year students are registered per academic year. One thousand five hundred course-units are offered by 100 university and assistant professors per academic year. The students receive the study material for each examination subject from "media suitcases" (DVD’s, prints). They can take part in weekly electronic courses that are transmitted during the semester via the Internet ("live").

The Multimedia Degree in Legal Studies is achieved in 8 semesters which comprise 125 semester periods per week with 2 study parts. Each part will be completed by a Diploma examination. The Multimedia students pay – like all students at an Austrian State University - a state study fee of approximately EUR 380 per semester.

Specific information is at

It specifically mentions that "the university is a virtual campus. The students can complete the Multimedia Diploma in Legal Studies without ever having seen Linz and its University."

The Law Faculty of the State University of Linz web site is at

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