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Dr Kay Mac Keogh is a senior lecturer in Oscail, the Faculty of Distance Education, in Dublin City University (Ireland). She has over twenty years of experience in coordinating, planning and managing open distance learning (ODL) programmes.

Since 2007 she has been seconded to the President's Office in DCU and is involved in developing an elearning strategy for the university. She has acted as an expert on a number of EU, OECD and Council of Europe committees responsible for developing policy in ODL. She has carried out extensive research on a range of topics in ODL including the impact of elearning on management education, access and attitudes to elearning technologies, student and tutor expectations, and pedagogical strategies for higher order learning.

She has published many reports and articles and delivered papers to conferences and workshops. She produced a report for the EU Task Force on Human Resources, Education and Youth in 1993 which investigated the market for ODL in Ireland at that time. She completed a report on the market for elearning among Irish adults on behalf of the Higher Education Authority in 2002.

She was a member of the transnational team of researchers commissioned by the European Training Foundation in 2001 to evaluate the outcomes of the Phare Multi-Country Distance Education programme and to provide input into future policies on e-learning and lifelong learning. She has directed a number of projects funded by European programmes such as Euroform, Jean Monnet, Socrates and Minerva. She participated in DELTA, COMETT, and Socrates funded projects on issues of cost effectiveness and the new technologies. She was director of a Minerva funded research project examining access, expertise and attitudes to ICTs in education on a transnational basis.

She was awarded a Senior Research Scholarship by the Irish Council for Research on Humanities and Social Sciences in 2003/4. She was awarded a PhD for her thesis entitled 'Encouraging distance education? an analysis of EU policy on distance education 1957-2004' by NUI Maynooth in 2005.

For more information see http://www.dcu.ie/info/staff_member.php?id_no=1130

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